Balti Biometaan OÜ was founded in 2011 to begin to develop the biomethane production as motorfuel in Estonia and Baltics. Board of Balti Biometaan OÜ consists of two members, namely Ahto Oja & Tauno Trink

Mr. Ahto Oja

Bioenergy and renewable energy expert, M.Sc of environmental protection

Ahto Oja is an expert on local and national sustainable development, renewable energy and human resource development, (e.g. capacity building, public participation and strategic planning). He has experience in project management (e.g. preparation implementation, assessment and monitoring); inter-sectoral project co-ordination; fact-finding and problem analyses; identification of problems, development need assessment; preparing and implementing training courses; facilitating the workshops; policy analysis and advise, mainly in environmental sector; group work facilitation skills in well over 50 courses; analysing the implementation of sustainable development in Europe; international experience since 1988, participation in projects and presentations in workshops, seminars and conferences. He has been involved in the Balkan, Baltic, CIS and Russian projects as well as in development programs implemented by WB, US AID, EU-PHARE, UNDP, UNEP, EEA, EU, CBC, REC, Helsinki University Knowledge Services Ltd. and Stockholm Environment Institute Tallinn Centre, Mõnus Minek Ltd, Enterprise Estonia as expert, consultant, trainer, local coordinator, logistical support provider, translator, facilitator, project manager, program director and coordinator SEI cross centre program and CEO; experience in environmental and sustainability assessment issues (EIA, SEA, indicators); promoting advisory service to improve public participation in environmental and local decision making process.

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Mr. Tauno Trink

Bioenergy and renewable energy expert, M.Sc of environmental engineering

Tauno Trink is an expert on renewable energy and strategic planning, general environmental protection; fact-finding and problem analyses; identification of problems, development need assessment; policy analysis and advise, mainly in environmental sector; participation in projects and presentations in workshops, seminars and conferences. He has been involved in Mõnus Minek OÜ, Enterprise Estonia (EAS) and Balti Biometaan OÜ projects as expert, consultant, project manager and office director. He has participated as an expert in several research and feasibility studies on resource availability and technology applications of renewable fuels in energy production (as a guest policy expert in POWER Policy Working Group and its sub-project SEECA in Brussels and Prague; have participated in disseminating RE information, arranged and facilitated numerous trainings and stakeholders meetings

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