Balti Biometaan OÜ was founded by Mõnus Minek OÜ. Thus Balti Biometaan OÜ portfolio is identical to Mõnus Minek OÜ.


Feasibility studies / business plans / reviews / strategies:

  • Feasibility study on production of biogas from sludge of Tartu municipal waste water purification plant in order to use biogas in city transport (2009) – Tartu Water Utility Company
  • Commercial uses for Aardlapalu landfill gas (2010) – Tartu City Government
  • Särevere biogas cooperative (SäBe) pre-feasibility study report; Särevere biogas cooperative (SäBe) pre-feasibility study report of energy balance of risk analysis (2010) –Climate and Energy Agency (KENA)
  • Background and position paper on biogas sector in Estonia (2011) – University of Tartu (SPIN project)
  • Biogas (Biomethane) and Natural Gas Market Concept (2011) – Gasum Oy
  • Overview and pilot feasibility study on market opportunities and potential of biogas and biomethane production from municipal biowaste, sewage sludge, with special focus on animal waste and slaughter house by-products (2011) – Gasum Oy
  • Overview of methane fuel experience in transport in Sweden, Germany, Austria and Italy (2011) – Enterprise Estonia (EAS)
  • Regional Biogas Development Strategy and Action Plan 2012 – 2020 (2011) – Tartu City Government (BioEnArea project)
  • Methane based fuels usage in Estonian transportation, proposals for development (2012) – Enterprise Estonia (EAS)
  • Updating feasibility study on expanding fuelling station with biogas supply and adapting bus depots for biogas buses in Tartu city (2012) – Tartu City Government
  • Tartu biogas plant business plan (2012) – Tartu City Government
  • Overview of LNG use and technology installations today and in coming years – LNG market analysis of Estonia (2013) – confidential
  • LNG usage market survey (2013) – confidential
  • Methane based fuels (including LNG) prognosis for Estonia in 2020, 2030 and 2050 (2013) – confidential
  • Siimani agricultural farm biomethane plant business plan, preparation of building and engineering procurement process (2014) – Silikaat Grupp AS
  • Feasibility study for 5 types of buses: natural gas/biomethane (CNG), CNG-Hybrid (CNG-H), Diesel (D), Diesel-Hybrid (D-H) and Electric bus (E) (2015) – Tartu City Government (MBBB project)
  • Feasibility study analysis of electric buses profitability and sensitivity comparing to different city buses (2015) – Tartu City Government (MBBB project)
  • Comparative analysis model of different vehicles (2016) – Tartu City Government
  • Development plan of a Biomethane-Based Fuel Market in Estonia (2016) – Elering